Fitz in the Morning Episode #309 Friday 07/17/20

It’s finally Friday! Drew is looking forward to a restful weekend, Claire has come running back, Fitz is tired of his older kids thinking they can just party with impunity, ans on this Friday It’s a special Bull Yah! What Are You Kidding Me? A woman’s laugh is so bizarre it sounds like a goose. A woman in Thailand had trouble explaining the cucumber stuck inside her, so she said she fell on it.Drew Has your Stream It or Skip It: Netflix gets the Last Dance and Cursed a new take on the King Arthur Tale. Amazon Prime gets Absentia a thriller about a woman missing for 6 years who returns. HBO Max gets Last Christmas with Emilia Clark. Disney + Duck Tails is back with new art and new adventures. Hulu has Palm Springs, a modern take on Groundhog day. On County Wars Jared from Thurston takes on James fron King, who wins? In Fitz Files Mason Ramsey is back, this time yodeling about farting cows for Burger King. The house from the Golden Girls is for sale… but it’s not actually in Florida. The house used for exterior shots is in Southern California. On Insta-Therapy A single dad from Gig Harbor doesn’t know what to do now that he’s found out his teenage daughter is a total bully,Callers have great suggestions this dad. He Turned Down What? Fitz has some behind the scenes info about famous 90’s movies and the actors that turned down major roles. Could any of us imagine Titanic with Matthew McConaughey as Jack? Or Bruce Willis in Ghost. What about Tupac Shakur as Mace Windhu in Star Wars Episode I? All This And More!