Fitz in the Morning Episode #314 Friday 07/24/20

Happy Birthday Momma Fitz! Let’s Get This Friday Started With a Kraken ‘n’ Mariners Bull-Yah! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a woman pitching a fit over masks gets literally called “Karen” by bystanders, a man angry about masks at a donut shop throws his donuts, a man says his 5 “real doll” companions help him get through quarantine, a Peeping Tom arrested on someone’s roof claim he was looking for his cat, two store workers get in a fight with their keyboards, and a man angry another couple stopped swinging with him and his wife set fire to their house. On Stream It or Skip It Drew recommends “Dragons: Rescue Riders” on Netflix, “Guns Akimbo” on Amazon, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies on Disney+ and “Dog House UK” on HBO Max. In the Fitz Files, major movies are delayed into 2021 and beyond including “Top Gun: Maverick”, “Avatar 2”, and “Disney’s Live Action “Mulan”. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s new song just dropped and we love it, and Mark Paul Gosselaar never watched “Saved By The Bell” but is now gonna podcast himself watching it. Insta-Therapy has “Darrin” from Mill Creek asking for help after his teenage son got a credit card in his name and ran up huge charges. Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr are doing an exhibition fight but the real story is Ryder’s amazing Mike Tyson impression. Let’s Get Kraken – we take your calls about how much you love (or hate) the new Hockey Team name. Believe It or Not includes Chloe whose mom was struck by lightning when she was pregnant with her and now she has a white streak in her hair. Fitz calls Momma Fitz’ for her Birthday. Young’n’+Shade are back with their amazing song “Kraken”. The Weekend Party Preview includes ice skating rinks, kayaking and paddle boarding, Evergreen Speedway, and the Blake Shelton Drive-In Concert Movie this weekend.