Fitz in the Morning Episode #317 Wednesday 07/29/20

Even in a shutdown world, with a giant empty parking garage, someone keeps parking in Drew’s spot. And Happy Lasagna Day! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a man uses his “dad voice” to confront a bear, robbers trying to tie up victims use a bra but fail, a man sets his car on fire driving with a lit candle, a guy who got away from a high speed pursuit is arrested after bragging about it on social media with maps of his route, and a woman shows up to her parole meeting wearing stolen dentures. In the Good Stuff, the iWatch may be able to determine illness like COVID before symptoms appear because it tracks your heart rate. Watch Out For a Dad Joke! In the Fitz Files, Makenzie Scott (formerly Bezos) gives $1.7 billion to charity, Emmy nominations have Netflix leading with 160 and “The Tiger King” going against “The Last Dance”, and a woman in Buffalo made sure her obituary contained her hatred of Tom Brady. All Jacked Up includes Fitz dipping his PBJ in Ranch, Barry All Day Everyday whose dates are only interested in his dog, Zack the drummer who practices naked and Kayla in Stanwood who loves the smell of gasoline. Our Salute to Stanwood continues as we chat with Stanwood resident Stanley Wood who gets a kick out of talking to Fitz and loves Carrie Underwood. The Saga of Drew’s Shed continues after a guy with a fancy truck refused to use his driveway to deliver it, and when he did he couldn’t assemble it, so Drew is still waiting for someone to put it together. Today’s Troop Salute is Brandon Welborn USMC. Fitz says the grocery store temperature scanner he used before he shopped erased his memory because he went in for Mac and Cheese and came out with Beer. The Guys from LoCash call in to talk about “One Big Country Song” and how much Fitz and the CT40 Countdown mean to them. We talk about the Chinese Seeds that have been arriving in the mail around the country.