Fitz in the Morning Episode #319 Friday 07/31/20

The heat is getting to us, Ryder is sitting in front of the A/C, Sprinklers, whatever he can do. 11 years ago Western Washington hit our all-time record heat numbers. Where were you?I woke up in a strange place in a strange bed, Fitz does a reading of Too many People in this Tub, Claire has Carpal Tunnel from the tape gun. Ryder has wasted 6 months of his life…. But it’s not his fault this time…. A special Covid-19, Bull Yah! Americans have been visiting the New Zealand immigration website in record numbers recently to check their eligibility since the nation has completely eradicated Coronavirus already. A woman in Florida who is a flight attendant returned home from a flight to find her husband getting it on with another woman. She attacked them both with his guitar.Stream It or Skip It, Norsemen, Top Gun,The Mighty Ducks, Fitz reminds us to watch YellowStone, Fitz isn’t impressed with Top Gun on Hulu because he has You Tube Premium. County Wars Connie from King takes on Mike from Island county! In the Fitz Files Garth Brooks’ daughter was diagnosed with Covid-19, Fitz decides it’s time to put Garth in a vault for safekeeping until this is all over. Someone left a rabbit on Kate Beckinsale’s Porch…. A threat or a gift?. Fitz says Drew has a theory that Kate Beckinsale is completely NUTS!. Loren Alaina is dropping a new album out of nowhere. She just dropped a new song, It’s called “Run” What Are You Kidding Me?! A guy was arrested for masturbating in his car outside of a Circle K, A flight from Aruba to Miami was delayed because a passenger refused to wear his mask properly… Then he started swearing at, and threatening the flight attendants. He was removed. In our Talent Showcase Miranda from Des Moines Represents Fitz with her Cher Impersonation, Lori from Monroe Represents Drew by burping on command, and Claire Picks Trent from Skyway who sounds exactly like the Crows of the neighborhood. Trouble With Ellen? More and more information comes out about terrible behavior from Ellen and a toxic work environment. We discuss the possibilities, and hear some audio from an Australian TV producer who says he was directly instructed to not address, speak to, or even look at Ellen. Weekend Party Preview: The Stanley Cup Finals start this weekend. Gigantic Bicycle Festival Should have happened in Snoqualmie, but now it’s online…. And you still need to buy a ticket. The Blue Angels would have been flying this weekend, but instead you can watch them on YouTube