Fitz in the Morning Episode #322 Wednesday 08/05/20

Drew’s Quarantine Hair has surpassed his products’ ability to hold it but Fitz doesn’t believe Drew’s hair has actually grown at all. We remember legendary Northwest broadcaster Pat O’Day and his connections to Radio, SeaFair, and Jimi Hendrix. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a woman in a thong is detained when police think she’s nude, an intruder caught by a homeowner asks to keep her hat, a 14-year-old who took his parents’ car is punished by having all his stuff given away, a guy who tried to romantically propose with a bunch of candles sets the apartment on fire, and Ryder hilariously confuses Neil Armstrong and Lance Armstrong. “Twin Tales” find Fitz interviewing his new twins who have lots of questions about the world! Fitz updates us on the President giving Tik Tok a deadline to be sold to a US company. In the Fitz Files, Miley Cyrus hints at new music in her old style, Disney’s highly-awaited Live Action “Mulan” will go straight to Disney+ for an extra $30, and Alyssa Milano and Tony Danza are working on a “Who’s The Boss” reboot. “All Jacked Up” finds Fitz obsessed with a loose tooth, Ryder using his dog’s flea medicine on himself, Miranda from Issaquah using her cat as her therapist, and Steven from Fall City who prank calls his own parents and tries to sell them things. Fitz has a list of the Best Songs of Summer and asks us for our favorite Summer Jams. Today’s Troop Salute is Roy Calica USMC. We have more information about the alleged toxic environment on the Ellen Show, including the Show’s DJ. Drew ran into an old friend from college while out shopping for floors in Bellevue and Fitz and Drew reenact the scene.