Fitz in the Morning Episode #323 Thursday 08/06/20

Fitz is flipping out that billionaire Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has his mega-yacht docked here in Seattle but Claire is worried he’s trying to jack DK Metcalf. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, the National Park Service issues recommendations on what to do if you encounter a bear including “do not push your slower friend down to get out of the way”, the newest trend is “genital matchmaking” which is plastic surgery to make your genitals match your partner’s, a woman claims a mask was baked into her chicken nugget, a man decorates his home office like a 90’s Taco Bell and a Ukrainian mom plans an elaborate prison break for her son. In the Good Stuff, two sisters in Pensacola are making masks for students and teachers before school starts back up. Happy Birthday to Mimi Allen from Vancouver who is celebrating her 106th Birthday today; she lived through the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918 and she says we’ll all be fine. In the Fitz Files, the FBI raids YouTube Star Jake Paul’s home over weapons and his connection to a riot, Kane Brown gets lost on his own property and has to call for rescue, and Keith Urban does a lovely cover of Luke Combs’ “Even Though I’m Leaving”. On Make Up or Break Up, Tiffany from Renton is furious with her boyfriend Brett after she cosigned on a $70,000 truck claiming he could work with it but he rents trucks because he’s afraid to scratch and devalue it. With the Governor recommending – but not mandating – schools stay closed, we take your calls and texts. Playlist Profiling is Lindsey from Tacoma. We get someone connected to the Port of Seattle to talk about Jerry Jones’ yacht out in Elliot Bay.