Fitz in the Morning Episode #326 Tuesday 08/11/20

Fitz or Fabio? The Man is showing off his chest hair today! Claire is irate that her unbroken crossword-puzzle-a-day streak has been recorded as broken by the company tracking it; they stopped counting at 666. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, the pandemic could kill “snow days” now that distance learning works, a retired never-been-caught bank robber broke his hiatus to rob again and is caught, a mask-less Karen goes off on a grocery employee asking her to mask up, calling her a “fat communist”, more than 40 members of a single family have Covid after a funeral, a circus survives the economic shutdown by selling lion poop and a Canadian bank robber politely waits in line for the robbery. The Family of Carol Baskin’s Missing First Husband is offering a $100,000 reward and put up billboards to find out what happened to him. Fitz was startled when one of his newborn twins tried to find his nipple while doing skin-to-skin time. In the Fitz Files, Simon Cowell broke his back riding an electric bicycle and Kelly Clarkson is sitting in for him on “AGT”, and the new trailer for the new “Saved by the Bell” highlights Jesse’s infamous caffeine pill addiction episode. On Make Up or Break Up, Claudia from Buckley is unhappy that her husband Stuart hired a hot young to tutor their kids. We are Creatures of Habit and Fitz has a list of the things we do the same way every day. Playlist Profiling is Jen from Olympia. The Olympic Mountain Goat Lift underway again and we talk to Dave Novak from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife about their goat “gunners and muggers”.