Fitz in the Morning Episode #328 Thursday 08/13/20

Drew’s dog is having a much better summer than he is – the “Aceman” is staying at “Grandma’s” because Drew is moving and is afraid Ace could be eaten by eagles if left unprotected at his new property in Monroe. Ryder is getting some work done on his teeth, but until then, he’s feeling more “country” missing a tooth up front. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a Canadian woman who fell behind on her rent has her landlord remove all her windows and doors, a grandma describes how grandpa proposed by throwing the ring at her from across a room, a bar at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally holds a Covid sneezing contest, a man with 3 DUIs is arrested for drunk driving a lawnmower on the highway, more than half of Millennials are ready to move to the suburbs, and a man busts his wife cheating thanks to a Google Street View picture. “Covid Craziness” has Fisher Price selling a “home office set” for kids to emulate mom and dad working from home, and a venue in England is showing off a concert where people rent little platform islands to social distance. In the Fitz Files, “American Idol” is holding Zoom auditions this week, Dolly Parton is putting out her first Christmas album in 30 years, and Luke Bryan does a YouTube Challenge to sing 100 Country Songs in 10 minutes and has to “pass” on a Hunter Hayes song.On Make Up or Break Up, Jenn from Olympia is upset by her husband Brandon’s obsession with TikTok and the things he is having their daughter do. Fitz has a list of Hot Halloween Costumes including Tiger King, First Responders, and Horror Movie Characters. Playlist Profiling is Keith from Renton. Throwin’ Shade finds Shade not feeling his best but he musters a Battle Pap on Cancelling College Football.