Fitz in the Morning Episode #329 Friday 08/14/20

We’re getting ready for a scorcher on Sunday, but today we have a nice cool Bull Yah! The Seahawks cut rookie cornerback Kemah Siverand for breaking quarantine rules by trying to sneak a girl into his hotel dressed as a player. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a Burger King in Belgium has masks with your favorite order printed so you don’t need to speak, a woman set the Guinness Record for backwards spelling, a homeless guy is living in a luxury suite at a soccer stadium, a man running from police jumps into a cab that’s actually an unmarked police car, and a Karen who drop kicked a bakery cake she didn’t has made WAYKM News again with an Ice Cream Man. On Stream It or Skip It, Drew recommends “The Lost Husband” and “Project Power” on Netflix, “The Greatest Showman” on Disney+ and “Birds of Prey” on HBO Max. In the Fitz Files, AMC is re-opening theaters with 15-cent movies, Miley Cyrus breaks up with Cody Simpson and drops new music, and Dolly Parton said “no” to Elvis recording “I Will Always Love You” because he also wanted half the rights. Who are the People in Your Neighborhood? If you just moved here from another state, call us because we want to meet you! Fitz gives an emotional tribute to Tacoma Police K9 Ronja who was killed in the line of duty. Drew found the CD of his old wedding so he and girlfriend Jyl watched it”. Believe It or Not includes Ben from Carnation who broke up with his girlfriend in front of her house but his car died so he was stuck there with the entire family. The Weekend Party Preview includes Sunflower festivals, kayak rentals, a drive-up concert with Aaron Crawford and the Lowdown Drifters and movies at the Kent ShoWare Center.