Fitz in the Morning Episode #330 Monday 08/17/20

How Are You Beating The Heat? Fitz played his “Aqua BounceTM” trampoline/water game with the kids, Claire slept in her basement, Ryder went boatin’, and Drew is just naturally cool. But the heat has inspired Fitz to write a new song: “(I’ve Got) Sweat in Low Places.” In the What Are You Kidding Me stories: the new trend is teaching your dog to speak by pushing buttons to ask for “food” and “fetch”, an Australia man sets a record with 203 Simpsons character tattoos, a male teacher is suspended for leading an online zoom class shirtless, a woman at a State Park loses her pants to a Buffalo attack, “data” shows the male version of “Karen” is “Terry”, and we hear “The Karen of the Year” who stopped a wedding and called the cops on them. In the Fitz Files, “The Voice” has been taken off the Fall schedule, BC Officials ask Ryan Reynolds to do a PSA for young people to socially distance and he throws shade on his own mother, and Nickelback covers “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”. Lindsay Ell calls in to talk about her new album and the trauma that inspired it and how she learned to heal and move on. Finish this Sentence: “You’re Not Really From the Northwest Until You’ve…“ Fitz says had a coffee on a hot day, Willie from Woodinville says eaten a Gooeyduck, Michael from Edmonds says stepping on a slug barefooted, and Kelly in Everett says Dick’s Burgers at 1:00am. Today’s Troop Salute is Aviation Structural Specialist 2nd class Matthew Taylor of the US Navy. Our Wheel of Wake Up victim is Ally, the Executive Assistant to our General Manager Wheeler; she is NOT amused. Monday Motivation has some motivating quotes to get your week started off right. (But…)