Fitz in the Morning Episode #331 Tuesday 08/18/20

Ryder has a sweet new temporary grill until he gets his real one but Fitz still doesn’t buy Ryder’s story about how he lost his tooth throwing his game controller at a wall and having it bounce back in his face. Claire has to lay down a Country Music Education on a guy at the dog park who can’t believe she actually likes it. In The What Are You Kidding Me stories, a professional team in Japan breaks up relationships, Budweiser launches a campaign to become Utah’s first Official Beer, a woman ripped out of her pants by a South Dakota Bison is going to be fine, a woman drives her car through a Home Depot to steal stuff, an Australian man punches a Great White Shark when it attacks his wife, and we explain to Fitz that no one on Facebook is really at secluded local waterfall, they are just not showing you the crowd around them. In the Fitz Files, housecleaning at the Ellen DeGeneres show. Lori Loughlin is finally getting sentenced this week and could face 2 months in jail, there’s a “Planes, Trains, & Automobiles” remake with Kevin Hart and Will Smith, and Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan have a hilarious Twitter beef. On Make Up or Break Up, Olivia from Lake Stevens is weirded out by her boyfriend Eric’s badly done tattoo of his dead son on his chest and has trouble being intimate with him because of it; Eric says he knows it’s bad but will never have it redone because his son loved it. Are You Making Your Man Crazy? Fitz has a quiz to help you measure your “nagginess”, but Claire thinks some of things are reasonable requests. Playlist Profiling is Taylor from Bremerton. Time for Fitz to Check His Social Media and answer your most burning questions.