Fitz in the Morning Episode #332 Wednesday 08/19/20

Is the new Kraken Team Store going in to the site of the old Joey’s on Lake Union? Wherever it is, we are there! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, real live “Chocolate Rain” comes down after a Swiss chocolate factory cocoa powder accident, Japanese authorities investigate why thousands of people are falling asleep in the road, a Texas restaurant gives free food to anyone named Karen using pass code “I want to speak to the manager”, a stranger helps a couple with their flat and then mugs them at gunpoint, an elderly farmer is arrested for vandalizing the grave of the neighbor he’d been in a lifelong feud with, and the Girl Scouts are developing a Virtual Cookie Booth for the upcoming cookie season. In the Good Stuff, a guy who bought a ‘57 Chevy pickup for $75 a few decades ago and restored it has sold it back to the original owner’s grandson for $75. Fitz is impressed with Ryder’s new grill that got after his alleged “video game controller accident” knocked out a tooth, but now Fitz wants to work on why Ryder sweats so much. In the Fitz Files, “Dancing with the Stars” is forcing the married pro dancers to live apart, Britney Spears is now heading up the “Free Britney” movement, and we hear Tim McGraw’s new song “$7500 Or Best Offer”. All Jacked Up finds Shade napping in front of the AC huddled under a blanket and Clint in Edmonds who has to lint roll the entire bed before he gets in. Fitz wants your help with what to do for his wife for her impending 40th Birthday. Today’s Troop Salute is William West of the US Army Air Corps. Things We’re Loving Right Now including Fitz Door Dashing the Italian Donuts from Joey’s Bellevue, Drew’s contractor Chris Welch, Claire’s new favorite store McLendon’s in Renton and Ryder’s P1 Dentist Office. Time to Check Fitz’ Social Media, where a P1 named Mike wants to take Fitz on a romantic hike by a secluded waterfall.