Fitz in the Morning Episode #333 Thursday 08/20/20

Why aren’t chicken strips a part of anyone’s breakfast, and only ever considered for lunch or dinner? The Seahawks are going to play the first 3 home games at CenturyLink with NO fans, and we talk about how important the 12’s are to the game. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, we listen to a song by the man who just broke the Guinness World Record for the lowest voice ever, a Scottish woman discovers the face of Jesus on a potato, thieves in South Carolina steal thousands of peaches, Gettysburg Reenactors are going ahead despite Covid, and a crook tries to use a log skidder to move his stuck truck out and crushes his truck. Hardy calls in to the show to talk about his new album and life in Nashville during the pandemic. In the Fitz Files, Cher wants to volunteer at the Post Office, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s custody battle is getting uglier, Americans want Morgan Freeman as the next Celebrity President and young Country Star Parker McCollum has Covid-19. On Make Up or Break Up, Sean from Snohomish thinks his girlfriend needs to learn how to cook because they just eat out all the time, but she says she told him straight up when they got together she couldn’t cook and he needs to do it. What cruel nickname did your siblings have for you when you were growing up? Fitz was called Barracuda because of his teeth, and the P1’s include Geever (a mix between Geek and Beaver) and Lisa Peesa the bed wetter. Playlist Profiling is Christy from Snoqualmie. Time to Check Fitz’s Social Media: P1 Eric wants Fitz to fulfill his dream of getting a Scone on a Weather Balloon, and Mike from Auburn is back again with an offer for Fitz to meet him for a drink