Fitz in the Morning Episode #336 Tuesday 08/25/20

In the words of P1 Food Goddess Jodie: “Tuesday were meaningless until they gave them Tacos.” Fitz’s wife Bethany’s birthday is today and he’s thinking about getting some takeout for a drive-by dinner date. Keep listening for the Mystery Sound cuz the jackpot is over $300! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a student complaining into her phone about her teacher’s Zoom class gets busted when he is listening, KFC is suspending the slogan “Finger Lickin’ Good” until the pandemic is over, lightning strikes right near an outdoor wedding, a Florida Woman is arrested for assaulting her father because he was farting too much, turns out dolphins can get Covid, and a company in Taiwan has built a robotic arm to swab your nose for Covid. Houston is evacuating right now in front of some major hurricanes. Dwight Yoakam just became a father for the first time at 63 years old!! Heads Up for a Dad Joke! In the Fitz Files, “Ellen” is cancelled in Australia, and BSB AJ McLean may be competing on “Dancing with the Stars”. On Make Up or Break Up, Elizabeth from Federal Way is 44 but her boyfriend Cliff is 31 and she thinks his friends are trying to steer him away from her by constantly joking about her age and steering him toward other women. Fitz needs Birthday help and Baby help to properly celebrate his wife but it evolves into a discussion about what makes a good babysitter. Playlist Profiling is Dave from Bremerton. We find out that Ryder has been sad because his dad is leaving to fight forest fires and his brother is moving to Idaho. We call Fitz’s wife Bethany to wish her a Happy Birthday and make sure she doesn’t open her present before he gets home!