Fitz in the Morning Episode #337 Wednesday 08/26/20

Turns out Fitz was once an Abercrombie and Fitch model, sorta. Keep listening for the Mystery Sound – the 8am Jackpot is up to $550. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, the “bro-kini” is on the way and Fitz is going to buy one for Drew, the world’s most expensive PB&J sandwich is $350, a woman stabs her husband when he refuses to fight, a man trying to get out of his work shift at a pizza place lies about having Covid and licks the pepperoni, a drunk driver crashes into a psychic’s office and she claims she had a feeling she should leave, and a big man breaks a diving board. Drew’s ‘Rona hair is so long his girlfriend has instructed him use shampoo and conditioner instead of just a bar of soap and he hates how long it takes. What Age is Too Young for Fortnight? Ryder explains to Fitz what really happens on the headsets during games that his 8-year-old wants to play. In The Fitz Files, Tom Cruise made a little movie about going to a movie theater, Justin Bieber and his wife are in trouble for throwing a big party, a “Home Improvement” reunion of sorts has Tim and Al Borland hosting a DIY competition and Carole Baskin is rumored for Dancing with the Stars. All Jacked Up includes Claire’s special spider web stick, Fitz drinking his babies’ “Colic Calm”, Devin from Redmond who bathes with his bath toys, and Janine from Mill Creek who calls random numbers and does phone sex. Today’s Troop Salute is ET3 Michael Paveglio of the US Navy. Half of Single Americans say they don’t want to be in a relationship and we all speculate as to why. Time to Check Fitz’s Social Media: Will he ever do “Dancing with the Stars”? Does Drew really look just like Al Borland form Home Improvement? And Mike from Auburn wants Fitz to send Fitz’s wife Bethany away on a trip for her birthday.