Fitz in the Morning Episode #338 Thursday 08/27/20

Drew actually witnessed a couple breaking up in the car behind him in the middle of the road on SR 522, including the woman storming out of the car, making Fitz bust out into the David Naill song “Red Light”. Keep listening for the Mystery Sound and its growing Jackpot over $800; all the clues are now up on the 98.9 The Bull App! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, people are refusing to blow out candles on birthday cakes because ‘Rona, a guy who threw his meth out the window of a stolen truck while leading cops on a chase tries to go back for the meth, wedding crashers ruin a wedding by stealing all the gifts, Google searches for “Panic Attack” have reached an all-time high, Costco is starting up samples again, a professor at says Poison Ivy has become more potent and Busch Beer has a line of Beer for Dogs. In the Fitz Files, Jamie Lynn Spears wants full control of her sister Britney’s money, Jeff Bezos is now the richest person in the History of the World at $200 Billion, the lineup for the ACM’s is getting Epic, and Katy Perry has her baby! On Make Up or Break Up, Michelle from Federal Way says her boyfriend Chuck doesn’t do anything to stop his friends from hitting on her and being inappropriate. Trace Atkins did a reverberatingly low National Anthem at the RNC last night. Playlist Profiling is Katelynn from Kent! Fitz is fascinated by Claire and Drew’s conversations about things he left back in his former house she is now renting, like his brand new meat freezer, and his old iPod which Claire is trying to tap to see what Drew was listening to in 2005.