Fitz in the Morning Episode #340 Monday 08/31/20

It was a weekend full of sunflowers, haircuts and free desert. Drew thanks Fitz for visiting ‘his” County of Snohomish, but Fitz says because Drew doesn’t live there yet, he’s not really a Snohomie yet. Listen for the Mystery Sound for your shot at a growing jackpot which is now up to $1300! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, 40 Coast Guard shipmates swimming in the South Pacific are approached by a shark, the hottest mask this Halloween is a scary “Karen”, a storm reporter in San Antonio has a transformer blow right behind him, the fear of leaving the house without your phone is called Nomophobia, a guy drives a stolen school bus for 200 miles and gets caught after doing donuts, there’s a new way to lose weight involving pills made from your own poop. In the Good Stuff we meet our August Bickford Ford Community Hero Robert who served 32 years in the US Air Force and now is a postman. In the Fitz Files, we remember Chadwick Bozeman who passed away suddenly from colon cancer and the MTV VMA Awards starred Lady Gaga and her masks and a new-look Miley Cyrus. Tenille Arts calls in to the show to talk about what it feels like to hear your song on the radio for the first time, being a Canadian Country star in America, and her fabulous eyebrows. It’s another Twin Tales with Fitz and his new twin boys Bowie and Bodie talking about their sleep schedule, how Mommy is feeling, and how big they’ll get when they grow up. Today’s Troop Salute is Rayford Wilson of the US Army. Fitz thinks Drew saddled Claire with a boondoggle of a rental house. Time to Check Fitz’ Social Media! And we have some Monday Motivation to get your week started off right.