Fitz in the Morning Episode #341 Tuesday 09/01/20

Signs of “Still Summer” include a High of 80, but signs of “Already Fall” include Ryder wearing jeans and Claire’s backyard apples – so which is it already? The Mystery Sound Jackpot is up to $1550. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, an angry “Ken” massively freaks out on a Wal-Mart worker about masks, a woman accidently gets her mask attached to her extensions at the salon, a naked man is arrested at a Taco Bell drive through, a teacher gets a bit overzealous at a school Zoom class, Thanksgiving is probably gonna be a major Zoom event this year, an elderly woman is kicked out of a bingo hall for refusing to wear a mask over her tracheotomy neck hole (!) and Herman Cain Tweets from beyond the grave? A new poll says 60% of Americans plan to travel for Labor Day and 88% of those are driving. Drew’s girlfriend Jyl is truly a Fierce Female – she is starting school his week to get a PhD in physical therapy! – and Fitz wants to know if Drew is finally going to put a ring on it. In the Fitz Files, Loretta Lynn and Kid Rock got fake married, Mariah Carey reveals she was unhappy when Ellen forced her into admitting she was pregnant, and we hear Carrie Underwood’s new Christmas song. On Make Up or Break Up, Graham from Puyallup is bothered that his Girlfriend Maggie is jealous of the time he spends with his sister. Playlist Profiling is Marguerite from Olympia! Sam Hunt has put out a really Pop take on a Classic Garth Brooks song and we debate the state of Country Radio vs Pop Radio, with Gabby Barrett and Maren Morris running up the Pop Charts.