Fitz in the Morning Episode #342 Wednesday 09/02/20

Fitz tells us all about the beautiful Corn Moon that’s been watching over us, and sings “Colors of the Wind” for us. Listen for the Mystery Sound just after 8am and if you know it, the Jackpot is up to $1800! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, pilots report a man flying around LAX at 3000 feet with a jet pack, UFO sighting reports are up 51% this year, a man applies for a job at a pizza place and steals the tip jar, a bar in New York take bets on whether New York or Chicago would have more shootings over Labor Day, hikers at Glacier National Park spot a bear and scream about what to do or not do, and a woman at a Thai zoo grabs a tiger’s junk for a photo op. We are all so All Jacked Up, like Fitz who’s searching for the perfect mullet online, Drew who places UPS missed package messages on his noisy neighbor’s door, Tina in Buckley who mixes raw eggs and vinegar as a breakfast shot, and Jessie from Marysville who runs a full background check on guys she dates. We call our Netflix for a Year winner Adyson from Snoqualmie! The most popular things people have purchased lately include Air Pods, Lounge Wear and Dumbbells. In the Fitz Files Carole Baskin is officially on “Dancing with the Stars”, Quibi is doing a mocumentary on Hot Country Nights and Fitz in the Morning and The Bull are nominated for CMA Awards. Today’s Troop Salute is Derek Livingston of the US Army. We salute Boss Parents as Fitz reads a hilarious letter from a parent wondering how she can make it all work with kids schooling from home while she works at home. Fitz reads a letter from a local student athlete who asks Fitz to support Fall Athletics coming back so Fitz calls Rob the Original P1 for his expert opinion on High School sports.