Fitz in the Morning Episode #343 Thursday 09-03-20

Drew is having a great morning because he has been reunited with his Long Lost Coffee Mug, but Ryder is not, because he was up all night caring for a sick kitty cat Thor. The Mystery Sound Jackpot is up to $2050! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a parrot does an amazing Beyonce impersonation, a Florida Man driving drunk hits a “Drive Sober” sign, a girl’s Tik Tok video captures her mom falling through the ceiling, a man makes an impassioned plea about boneless chicken wings at a City Council meeting, some fishermen reel in two live pipe bombs, and Target is now promoting Waist Up Style for people Zoom working from home. Ryder educates us on some new words added to the dictionary, like DGAF, Amirite, and Jabroni. In the Fitz Files, The Rock and his whole family have Covid-19, the Live Action Mulan will cost you an extra $30 on Disney+ now or you can watch it free in 3 months, and Blake Shelton buys a Texas teacher’s entire classroom Amazon Wish List. On Make Up or Break Up, Austin from Marysville is worried that his girlfriend Rebecca tells so many little white lies that he’s not sure when she’s ever telling the truth but she says he is hard to please so she tells little ones to avoid his criticism. We all sing about our love for the Corn Moon. Playlist Profiling is Chris from Bremerton. Throwin Shade is absolutely epic as newly single Shade goes after Dating Apps.