Fitz in the Morning Episode #346 Tuesday 09/08/20

Thank you to all the firefighters who are unbelievably busy this morning! We go over some of the local road closures and power outages. Fitz drove all over the Northwest Monday and got home just before the fires started. We all talk about that moment when we first started smelling smoke and wondered if it was in our own homes. Drew finally spent the night in his new house in Monroe although he still has no kitchen. Mystery Sound #2 Starts Today! In The What Are You Kidding Me stories, a Florida woman tries to hire a hitman to kill her husband’s mistress as a birthday present to herself, a man eats an entire can of Pringles slowly during a 4-hour flight to avoid wearing a mask on the plane, a hair salon has to remove Happy as a job requirement because its discriminatory to sad people, a man calls 911 over 1200 times to offer them free home-made egg rolls, a California couple’s gender reveal party starts a massive wild fire, and the demand for nude maids has skyrocketed during Covid. People are Out: Fitz saw huge crowds at Alki beach over the weekend and Drew saw a huge Labor Day crowd at IKEA. In the Fitz Files, Anna Faris is leaving the show Mom, Taylor Swift’s new album is still #1 tying her with Whitney Houston for most weeks ever at #1, and Katie Holmes has a new boyfriend. On Make Up or Break Up, Miranda from Lynnwood walked in on her boyfriend Eddie Zooming with a woman from their Friends’ Zoom Games group; she thinks he could be cheating but he says he is just practicing the games. It’s Time for Bull School and Ryder has some educational tips for kids, like watching videos of Coyote Petersen do some really dangerous things.