Fitz in the Morning Episode #348 Thursday 09/10/20

Thanks again to the firefighters who continue to battle across the Great Northwest, and prayers to those who have lost loved ones or homes. After Fitz calls the Northwest the Great Smoky Mountains, Fitz and Claire reminisce about the Ronnie Milsap song Smoky Mountain Rain. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a topless woman is arrested for chewing on a horse, a woman breaks the record for eating 10 jelly doughnuts in under 3 minutes, the world’s oldest adult movie star (she’s 84!) is upset the pandemic has put her out of business, an AI computer writes an article to convince people AI poses no threat, a woman going psycho in a Taco Bell claims to be the daughter of Charles Manson, and a woman goes viral after finding a mouse in her car and filming herself freaking out. Fitz wants us to all go “forest bathing” together as a team-building exercise and Drew hates it but accidentally offers up his property. In the Fitz Files, Ellen prepares to apologize about toxic workplace allegations when her show comes back this month, Olaf from Frozen gets his own origin story movie, and Carol Baskin will be dancing to Eye of the Tiger for her first dance on Dancing with the Stars. On Make Up or Break Up, Shirley from Shelton is disappointed her boyfriend Cliff is so over politics he has decided not to vote at all in the upcoming election and the P1’s get super fired up over this one! It’s Christmas in September after Fitz does a birthday tribute to Michael Buble and asks Drew to sing some of his song Home, then asks Shade to play the Blake Shelton version, but Shade pulls the Christmas Version. We declare it Christmas, and throw in some Christmas Shoes too! Playlist Profiling is Ross from Tacoma. Throwin’ Shade has the Man in the Box setting his sights on a huge spider that has taken over his house. Today’s $1 Million Dollars of Jobs Employer Interview is Kristin Sanchez from Systematic Supply who is hiring for Customer Service jobs.