Fitz in the Morning Episode #350 Monday 09/14/20

SEA-HAWKS! We recap the game and Fitz decides we should each pick a player to support this season: Fitz picks DK, Claire picks Carson, Ryder picks Russell, and Drew doesn’t have a TV right now so missed the game. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, Franzia is selling a backpack with an entire box of wine, Seattle’s air quality is currently the 2nd worst in the entire world, a study claims thick thighs means lower blood pressure, a town near Buffalo, New York mistakenly sent out an extreme caution alert on 9/11 at 9:11am, a man tries to claim religious beliefs to skip wearing a mask in a store, and a failed rocket launches and crashed but the onlookers are not at all concerned. Fitz plays us a heartbreaking interview from an Oregon couple who took refuge in a river when fire exploded in their neighborhood. In the Fitz Files, Chris Evans accidentally posts a picture of his junk on Instagram. Kelly Clarkson says her life is a dumpster since getting divorced and The Golden Girls turns 35. It’s time for Twin Tales with Fitz’s Twins Bowie and Bodie talking about ‘Rona’, riding in daddy’s truck, and mamma’s Ba-Bas. Drew’s Mom met Jyl’s parents for the first time ever and it was unbelievably anticlimactic. If you miss the Smells of Football, Fitz tells us about a new line of candles offering scents like artificial turf and Nachos. Today’s Troop Salute is Master Sergeant Jesse Reynolds of the USAF. We recap the Seahawks Game with Football Guru Rob the Original P1 from Bremerton. Food News has Ryder is reporting on some of the yummy new stuff available like Wal-Mart’s frozen cookie dough hot chocolate, Amazon’s 27lb bucket of mac n’ cheese and McDonalds’ Travis Scott meal. Monday Motivation has motivating quotes to get your day started off right.