Fitz in the Morning Episode #351 Tuesday 09/15/20

Welcome Glorious Rain, although a little more would be nice cuz its still way too smoky. Claire, who’s renting Drew’s old rent house in Renton, was awakened by a scary noise in the night that turned out to be the heater with a jerry-rigged fan Drew had installed. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a Minnesota Mayor is arrested for interfering with a police pullover with the officer saying he’s had 5 warnings about this, a stretching coach loses it when client farts in a deep stretch, a burglar breaks into a home and dookies in the dishwasher, an angry KFC customer jumps on the counter demanding free food, a Florida town passes legislation fining low-hanging butt crack pants, and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will be a TV-only event. Watch out for a Dad Joke! In Fitz Files, the only bigger story from DWTS than Carole Baskin being a horrible dancer is the commercial her first husband’s family aired asking for information linking her to his murder. Taylor Swift will appear on the ACM’s this year for the first time in 7 years. On Make Up or Break Up, Vanessa from Kent hates that her boyfriend Carl is still so close to his ex-girlfriend Shelby with whom he was a UW Drum Major. The P1’s declare Claire the winner of the Lil Miss September Pageant but there is drama between runners-up Drew and Ryder. Fitz salutes Fierce Female LA Police Deputy Claudia Apolinar who saved her partner’s life when they we’re ambushed in their patrol car even though she herself was shot multiple times. Drew wants to know why Fitz is so obsessed with Bob’s Corn Patch in Snohomish after he talks again about their Sunflowers; is he being paid? Time to Check Fitz’s Social Media with the burning question being about the tension between Ryder and Drew since the Pageant.