Fitz in the Morning Episode #353 Thursday 09/17/20

Drew finally has his flannels unpacked and is getting ready to launch a Year of Flannel. Fitz and Claire were up all night watching and doing social media for the ACMs and Ryder was up all night trying to buy the PS5. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, an adorable Alaskan Malamute argues with a talking toy hamster, a woman sitting on a city bench gets thrown in the air when a garbage truck picks up her bench, a human brain washes up at Lake Michigan, a man calls a company to file a complaint and the operator calls him names thinking he was on hold, a man claiming to be Jesus tries to skip out on paying train fare, and Sean Hannity can’t pronounce “Despacito”. We review the ACMs with Fitz and Claire loving the low-key show with no audience, focus on the songs, and really cool lighting. Our “Goose Bump Songs” include Miranda’s “Blue Bird”, Taylor’s “Betty”, and Eric Church’s blistering Johnny Cash moment. In the Fitz Files, there was a first-ever tie for Entertainer of the Year between Carrie and Thomas and Eric Church fans are ticked off, Gwen Stefani can really actually sing Country, and Maren Morris gave the only really “real” speech. On Make Up or Break Up, Elisa from Enumclaw is due any week now and her husband Brayden insists on naming their child to honor his dead brother but it’s the same name as Elisa’s abusive ex and she doesn’t want her child’s name as a reminder. The ACM “Fitzies Awards” are Fitz’s own top honors from last night’s ACM’s including Best Neck Tattoo, Best Sexy Gray Coming In, and Best Male Nipples. Today’s Playlist Profiling is Beverly from Everett. Fitz plays us the amazing live performance of Dan + Shay’s “I Should Probably Go to Bed”. And after all that…Throwin’ Shade has Shade going after…The ACMs!