Fitz in the Morning Episode #356 Tuesday 09/22/20

It’s Officially Fall! Drew and Ryder are both in Flannel; Ryder freaks when Drew calls him “Son” but Fitz and Claire agree Drew is totally the “Dad” here. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a guy who takes a used car for a test drive at 123 mph and won’t let the salesman out is arrested for kidnapping, a Hawaiian surfer who lost his surfboard in 2018 finds out it washed up in the South Philippines, Gucci is selling $1400 overalls that come pre-grass stained, a Indonesian prisoner escapes through the sewer ala “Shawshank Redemption”, a guy who tries to gives a fake name on a DUI arrest gets busted the cop remembered him from high school 20 years ago, and a man is arrested for repeatedly threatening the renters at a neighboring Airbnb with a shotgun. Fitz is disappointed Claire and her wife Sharon have already abandoned their vow to do yoga every day after just 3 days. We debate how dogs should wear pant. In the Fitz Files, Ellen’s apology gets a lot of reaction, Carol Baskin emotes on how she was represented on “The Tiger King”, the typewriter sound in “9 to 5” is actually Dolly Parton tapping her fingernails, and Lil Nas X has written a children’s book. On Make Up or Break Up, Dana from Woodinville is suspicious that her boyfriend George never wants to go out in public with her; George thinks Dana is over-reacting and says he only goes out for “required” things like a going-away-party. Since Ellen apologized for the environment on her show, Fitz apologizes for things on this show; he apologizes to Claire for Drew’s grumpy attitude and to Drew for Ryder calling him “Boomer”. John Oates from Hall and Oates calls in to talk about his new Country album, and Ryder gets the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interview him but totally drops the ball. And Live on Air we give away our first Job of the $1 Million of Jobs we are giving away!