Fitz in the Morning Episode #357 Wednesday 09/23/20

It’s a beautiful Rainy Northwest morning and Fitz has a Rain Montage for us. Drew finds it impossible to put on socks while standing up but Claire says the yoga pose Tree can help him. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a couple’s dog stolen at gunpoint by a carful of teenagers, Sizzler has filed for bankruptcy so we are all heading to Southcenter after the show, statistics show the Pandemic has caused a lot of breakups, Scotland is facing a Toilet Paper shortage, an Idaho woman who was the surrogate for a couple in China has been now raising the baby for 4 months because they can’t come to the US to get him, and the CDC issues a recommendation to cancel Halloween, and we debate that. Claire is going crazy because she can hear the toilet running from all over the house but her wife doesn’t and lets it run and Fitz says he hears all kinds of things his wife ignores. Tyra Banks is getting destroyed on social media by fans of “Dancing with the Stars”. In the Fitz Files, Carol Baskin is still on “DWTS”, a TV Drama series is being developed based on Blake Shelton’s “God’s Country”, Hugh Jackman sends a birthday message to a little girl who says she learned to concentrate by watching him on Sesame Street, and Kelly Clarkson talks about her divorce on her show. All Jacked Up includes Drew freaked out by scented trash bags, Ryder hooting like an owl to amuse his neighbor, Leah in Lynnwood who brushes her teeth before she eats and Scott from Poulsbo who puts his pants in the freezer when it’s hot out. KIRO 7’s Nick Allard calls to talk about The Pineapple Express and his jealousy of Big Beef Doppler. Today’s Troop Salute is Sergeant Dorothy “Dot” Cole, the Oldest Living Marine. Today’s $1 Million Dollars of Jobs employer profile is Clint from Chuck Olson Kia who is looking for lot attendants and sales managers.