Fitz in the Morning Episode #359 Friday 09/25/20

Happy Birthday to Drew’s (Alleged) Mom! It’s Blue Friday and Fitz is torn because the Seahawks are playing his beloved Dallas Cowboys. We’ve got a Friday Bull Yah! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a 78-year-old Puyallup woman holds an intruder with a shotgun until cops arrive, a couple filming their proposal on a bridge watches their photographer get hit by a bicycle but is more concerned over the shot, an Alabama woman sleeping during Hurricane Sally had a tree fall on her bed and there was a bee’s nest in it, Michael Jackson’s cousin is selling the IV that was in his arm when he died, and the CDC recommends cancelling Halloween and we predict how that will go down here in Washington State. On Ticket or Skip It, Drew recommends “Enola Holmes” on Netflix, “The Descendants” and “Hidden Figures” on Disney+, and “Utopia” on Amazon Prime. In the Fitz Files, Tyra Banks answers her haters, “This is Us” is premiering early, Carrie Underwood’s Christmas album is out, and someone re-mixed the Chipmunks to sound like regular adults and it’s creepy. Ladies, Fitz wants to know: “My Husband Would Die If He Knew My Best Friend Knows ____ About Him”. Ryder reads an apology to John Oates after his record label complained about their interview. Believe It or Not includes Randy in Everett who was in an Oscar Meyer Weiner commercial as a kid and Taylor in Buckley who made it on Wheel of Fortune but got kicked off for swearing. Fitz spotlights Fierce Female 78-year-old Sandy from Puyallup who held an intruder in place with her shotgun until the police arrived. The Weekend Party Preview includes Stocker Farms doing a butterfly release, the Redmond Library’s Pop-Up Story Garden, the Museum of Flight’s new WWII Exhibit and the Point Defiance Zoo’s online ZooQuarium for Sea Otter Awareness Week.