Fitz in the Morning Episode #361 Tuesday 09/29/20

Is this Fake Fall or Fake Summer, and will we see the Northern Lights or the California Smoke? And why is Ryder so quiet? Fitz wants to hear about your Morning Victory – he got a tasty Icy Coffee, Drew saw some deer, Claire is driving her wife’s fun zippy car, and Ryder has his blankie. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a guy converts a potato gun into a candy cannon for Social Distance Halloween, a woman goes Exorcist-style crazy on a plane, Home Depot has an epic 12-foot-tall outdoor skeleton for Halloween, an American man is facing prison in Thailand for giving bad Yelp reviews to a resort, a guy filming his friend (named Ryder!) swimming with a Basking Shark realizes it’s actually a Great White, a man breaks into his neighbor’s house wearing nothing but boxers and a gold cross and waving a bible. Fitz wonders why with the global baby boom he is the only one in the studio making babies; Claire and Drew say they are too busy with their pets and Ryder says he’s too irresponsible. On the Fitz Files, Carol Baskin is kicked off DWTS, Blake Shelton takes some foster kids fishing and Vin Diesel releases a horrible pop song. On Make Up or Break Up, Matt from Everett wants to get his kids vaccinated with the new Covid-19 vaccine as soon as it’s available, but his wife Maureen says it’s too soon and she doesn’t want their kids to be guinea pigs. If Washington State had a world famous Roadside Attraction, what would it be? Fitz and Claire moderate the Great Show Debate between Ryder and Drew on the Hot Topic of whether to recycle leaves or burn them. Today’s $1 Million Dollars of Jobs Employer is Christopher Lilley of True Management.