Fitz in the Morning Episode #362 Wednesday 09/30/20

Drew loves the beautiful eerie red moon! Claire gets completely derailed when she learns men regularly pee outside in their backyards instead of their own bathrooms. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, Florida Woman raises $12K in a Go Fund Me for the family of a murder victim but keeps the money, a news anchor is arrested for smashing a beer bottle over a guy’s head in a political argument, a college girl doesn’t realize her microphone is hot on a Zoom and talks about her Hot Prof, a zoo has to get rid of its parrots because they swear too much, a man breaks the Guinness record for breaking walnuts on his head, and a study shows men are as likely to be excited about pumpkin spice returning as football. Aunt Claire is Ridin’ Dirty on expired tabs; she’s paid for them but the DMV won’t hand them over because her driver’s license doesn’t match the address yet. We talk about things we do that that feel Illegal, but aren’t, like breaking into your own home when you lock yourself out. In the Fitz Files, Kelly Clarkson is sued by ex-father-in-law-manager, Justins Bieber and Timberlake may be collaborating, Coyote Peterson makes $300K per month, and Mac Davis passes away. All Jacked Up includes Fitz changing his toothbrush after 5 uses because he’s paranoid the cleaning lady messes with it, Kevin from Skagit who turns on the sink when his brother gets in the shower just to hear him scream and Mitchell in Bellevue who messes with telemarketers by belching and barking. John Rich calls in to talk about his new song “Earth to God”. Today’s Troop Salute is James Boland and Gregory Boland of the US Navy. Midweek Crisis: Ryder had a meltdown over a corrupted video game download, Drew realizes his property has dangerous animals on it, and Fitz, well, is actually happy because his son Cooper got a job. Fitz wants Ryder to join the WSP or at least get into that training suit where you get attacked by dogs.