Fitz in the Morning Episode #366 Tuesday 10/06/20

Another Foggy morning has Drew weirded out about just how thick the Fog is at his new home in Monroe. Fitz is super excited to announce that Carrie Underwood will co-host the CT 40 Christmas Special with him! In the What Are You Kidding stories, a man having trouble finding love on dating apps takes out a billboard and it works, a woman threatens her neighbor’s dog if she doesn’t give up her WiFi password, a man convinced he saw a semi hauling a UFO crashes while into a pole while filming it, a man is killed laying on the ground at a fast-food drive-thru, a 68-year-old woman and her son team up for a road rage shoot-out, and a woman will professionally decorate your Christmas Tree for $600. Ryder’s home in Auburn was burglarized over the weekend and he tells us the harrowing tale, but P1 Vern calls him out for describing the unstolen valuables still in the house. Drew has an update on the construction of his new home in Monroe and admits he’s somewhat afraid of the wildlife in his unknown surroundings. In the Fitz Files a “Dancing With the Stars” screw-up almost sends the wrong couple home, Reba McIntyre’s new boyfriend is a TV actor, and Carrie Underwood tells of first meeting her hero Loretta Lynn after Loretta swatted her on the behind. On Make Up or Break Up, Luke from Arlington is heartbroken after over hearing his wife Katie telling a friend not to “settle” like she did; Katie swears that’s not what she meant and says he is hyper-sensitive. Its Text the Truth Tuesday: tell us your dirty secrets and we promise to keep them anonymous. Our Zoom with Tim McGraw was awesome, and we listen to some of his beautiful answers to your personal questions. Fitz has a list of all the things people like to talk about that nobody wants to hear about, like your politics, your past sports exploits, and, yes, your babies. Who had Baby Kangaroo Loose in Monroe on Their 2020 Bingo Card? We talk to the Monroe Police Information Officer about an escaped Kangaroo and how you can help.