Fitz in the Morning Episode #368 Thursday 10/08/20

The weather change means Real Fall is about to start. Ryder says he doesn’t have the right clothes for hunting this weekend even though he’s wearing camo right now but he admits its poser camo. The talk of the VP debate was a fly that landed on Mike Pence’s hair, and we hear a new song from that Fly. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, scammers going door-to-door collecting money for a local high school football team knock on the actual coach’s door, a White House TV reporter goes crazy on a raccoon interfering with his shot, a man is arrested for trying to set up a personal “meetup” with a horse, 1 in 8 women cry in dressing rooms trying on clothes, malls are making Covid plans for Santa with no lap-sitting and Plexiglass, and an Oregon County has an epidemic of human waste in shopping bags on the side of the road. Dr. Fitz helps dispel those “facts” our parents told us as kids to keep us from doing things like that that gum you swallowed at age 5 is still in your stomach. Drew says he’s been noticing women’s eyes more now that everyone’s wearing masks. In the Fitz Files, Morgan Wallen is bumped from SNL for violating Covid Protocol after videos surface of him partying and kissing random women, Britney Spears’ lawyer she isn’t mentally capable of signing legal documents, Cable is offering $1000 to watch 24 hours of horror movies, and we learn which actors are shirtless most often in their movies. On Make Up or Break Up, Robert from Maple Valley is upset his girlfriend Gina isn’t bikini waxing since lockdown. Ryder tells us about his and Shade’s podcast “Nerds of the Round Table”. Playlist Profiling is Genevieve from Mount Vernon. Throwin’ Shade has Shade is going after Morgan Wallen. Today’s $1 Million Dollars of Jobs spotlight is Blue Street Deliveries who is hiring for drivers; apply at