Fitz in the Morning Episode #370 Monday 10/12/20

The Seahawks gave us another anxiety attack; we dissect the game including the amazing DK Metcalf. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a woman shows up in a wedding dress to her fiancé’s job demanding he marry her on the spot, an angry mask refuser calls 911 on the business that won’t let her in and the 911 operator tells her the store is right, a jewelry store worker puts a customer on blast after he buys gifts for his wife and girlfriend, “Cow Hugging” is a thing, a news anchor can’t stop laughing after reporting on a bomb scare where a guy said he was going to “blow up the bathroom”, and Dollar General is going upscale with a new pricier store. Niko Moon calls in to talk about his new music. In the Fitz Files, Lorne Michaels addresses the Morgan Wallen situation, Disney is making a movie based on Space Mountain, Kelly Clarkson covers Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”, and “NCIS” is being sued for sending actors to rob a store and letting real cops show up. If you’ve had a Dating Disaster, we wanna hear about, like Ryan from Maple Valley who had a girl try to recruit him for a pyramid scheme on the first date and Kelly from Spanaway whose Tinder date looked familiar and she later realized she saw him on Washington’s Most Wanted. The TikTok “My Place Vs. His Place” Challenge has women filming the difference between their clean homes and their boyfriend’s nasty homes. The Sounds of Our Weekend has our home weekend audio, like Ryder playing Warzone, Claire chasing her cat who snuck out in the rain, Drew splitting wood and chain-sawing, and Fitz on a Sunday drive with his crying babies. Ryder’s Super Spooky Halloween Movie Marathon was a Vampire Weekend complete with steaks, garlic potatoes, and bloody-looking cocktails. Monday Motivation has some inspiring quotes to get your week started off right.