Fitz in the Morning Episode #371 Tuesday 10/13/20

It’s “Prime Rib Day”! Forget about “Prime Day”; here on “Prime Rib Day” listen all morning for the “Fitz Flash” as Fitz randomly gives stuff away including AirPods, an InstaPot, and a Kindle Fire Tablet. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a man stalked by a Mountain Lion during a jog manages to video the big cat while eluding it, two teachers are put on leave after a parent records them talking trash about students, the CDC says 1 in 4 people still don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom, a man dressed as Superman assaults someone and his Wonder Woman girlfriend gets him caught, a guy does donuts behind a live news report from Hurricane Delta, and a woman says ever since she took artifacts from the City of Pompeii she’s been cursed; wait until you hear what Fitz’s Dad did-or-did-not steal. In the new Zoom work place, casual clothes are in and real pants are out, but should this continue when we get back into real offices? The “Bachelorette” is back tonight and Fitz is so excited about the trailer. In the Fitz Files, we preview “The Bachelorette”, Mick Fleetwood thanks the Ocean Spray Skateboard Guy, Jamie Lee Curtis says Chris Evans’ Wienie Pic was a set-up, “Scream 5” is filming with Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, and David Arquette returning, and Justin Bieber drops new music Friday. On Make Up or Break Up, Lisa from Bremerton is really unhappy her husband Eli went nuts spending money on Halloween decorations and stuff for the kids, but Eli says Lisa just hates Halloween for religious reasons. Text The Truth has you anonymously admitting your juicy secrets, like your awful work-from-home hygiene, second thoughts on your engagement, and ratting out your family. We give away a job live on air today as part of our $1 Million of Jobs, as Amanda from Instanannies hires Sandra while we listen.