Fitz in the Morning Episode #372 Wednesday 10/14/20

We still have a lot of power outages from last night’s storm, including at Drew’s new probably-cursed house in Monroe. Claire thinks Fitz has spectacular Bieber hair today. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a TV Anchor falsely accuses the mayor of posting dirty pictures after their affair falls apart, a mom puts her kid through an online taste test of gross food, an 11-year-old boy steals a school bus and leads police on a 13-mile chase, an English company has a “Bump” necklace that alerts you when you get within 6 feet of another person wearing the necklace, the driver of a $400k Rolls Royce that rear ends a $200k Lamborghini runs away and a woman is getting trolled for her video of putting her wedding ring on her dog’s nose and he eats it. Can we guess what Generation you are by the Halloween candy you like? We recap the Season Premiere of “The Bachelorette” with Clare falling hard for Dreamy Dale. In the Fitz Files, “The Bachelor” is suing a former contestant, Garth Brooks gets Billboard’s Icon Award, and “Coming 2 America” is going direct to Amazon. All Jacked Up includes Fitz doing “Bloody Mary” in his bathroom mirror, Kevin in SeaTac who rolls his shirt up like a halter top in the bathroom, and Michael from Poulsbo who saved the hair from his son’s first haircut and smells it from time to time. Since the viral TikTok of the guy skating-boarding to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” exploded, sales of their music has also exploded and now Stevie Nicks has done her own TikTok. Today’s Troop Salute is Major Brent Taylor of the US Army National Guard. In DNA Discoveries, Fitz wants to know what you found out from your DNA test that you weren’t expecting, like Nicole from Lynnwood whose sister is actually her biological mother, and Hannah whose biological dad was actually just a sperm donation and she has 12 half-siblings.