Fitz in the Morning Episode #376 Tuesday 10/20/20

At long last, it’s Mullet Day – yes, right after the show today, Fitz is getting a “Mullet with Meaning” to bring attention to the work of St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a high school teacher calls police when they think they see a student being abducted on Zoom, a woman is arrested after losing it on a flight when told to wear a mask,  a $1 million Flying Squirrel trafficking ring is busted up, a Tennessee man calls a local sports show to tell them how his wife left him after he threw a beer bottle through the window because Tennessee Football lost, an old Blockbuster Video in Ontario, Canada is still completely intact and the community has a petition to preserve it, and police responding to a break in at a deli find a wasted and naked 17-year old covered in Ranch Dressing. The new trend in dating is to “Soft Launch” your relationship on social media like a restaurant. In the “State of Halloween”, we talk about the most searched Halloween costumes by state;  Washington State is looking for “Hamilton?”.  In The Fitz Files, Bachelorette Clare has been spotted out wearing a huge engagement ring, and Jamie Lynn Spears is working on new music and a Zoey 101 reunion.  On Make Up or Break Up, Bonnie From Lakewood wants to know why her boyfriend Henry showed up in his High School Reunion pictures when he told her he was going hunting.  In Text The Truth we want to hear your deepest and most salacious secrets by text only. Fitz gets mad at Drew when Drew says all couples eventually start to look alike including Fitz and Bethany.  We hear a recap of Ryder’s weekend hunting trip with his family.