Fitz in the Morning Episode #377 Wednesday 10/21/20

Fitz is the Mullet King! He is rocking an awesome Mullet with Meaning for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a girl is totally freaked by her sleepwalking sister, Florida Man steals thousands in groceries by sneakily scanning a 24-cent Kool Aid pack at the self-check, a scam targeting grandparents threatens over missed Jury Duty, a woman who took in a baby fawn as a pet now has a dangerous buck terrorizing neighbors, a dad tracks his daughter to a Motel 6 with her boyfriend and shoots off the guy’s pork and beans, and a Dominatrix is kicked out of a grocery store for bringing in a slave on a leash, although they were both wearing masks. Fitz’s Has a Play the Monster Match, matching the Story to the Monster. Breaking News: “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” will not air on Network TV but instead on Apple TV. Ryder wants to get a job as the Chief Noodle Officer to Top Ramen. In the Fitz Files, “The Bachelorette” plays Strip Dodgeball while the guys try to dodge Clare because they know she’s leaving, and Garth Brooks has announced two albums this year and his Trisha duet of “Shallow” from “A Star is Born” will be a single. All Jacked Up includes Ryder scaring himself when he’s trying to scare others, Brandy in Bellevue who still sleeps with her baby blanket and Michelle in Shelton who blows her nose into her undershirt. Fitz makes Barry All Day Every Day’s dream come true to be a Radio DJ. What Are Your Holiday Plans? So Many Americans have altered them because of the Rona’. Today’s Troop Salute is Dylan Jessum of the US Navy. We want to hear your Mid-Week Crisis, like Fitz’s wife doesn’t really like his Mullet, Jesse from Shelton who has a broken hand but still has to dig a water line on his property, Brenna from Sumner got promoted to Manager at work, just so she could be the one to fire people and Jeannie from Gig Harbor who just can’t seem to find that Awesome Costco Pendleton Blanket everyone else has.