Fitz in the Morning Episode #378 Thursday 10/22/20

It’s so chilly that Drew had ice on his windshield and Fitz says with this new mullet, the sides of his head are cold! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a man goes crazy at a school board meeting over masks forcing him “to breathe carbon dioxide”, a woman on Dr. Phil has been married 10 times and is ready to move on from her current husband, a man caught playing with himself in his van claims he was just playing air drums, a man breaks into a closed McDonalds when he has a craving for McNuggets, the shortest length of time is now called a “zepto-second’ which scientists use to measure light, and a bird upstages it’s owner by whistling and singing while he plays guitar and it’s super cute! In the Good Stuff a 14-year-old girl in Texas wins $25,000 for locating a molecule which can bind to coronavirus protein. Are we living in the Matrix? Fitz has proof we are living in a simulation. In the Fitz Files, a picture proves the Bachelorette is lying about her past, we review the winners of the CMT Awards including Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan, and Holy Crap wait until you see what Miley Cyrus’ little sister was (barely) wearing. On Make Up or Break Up, Nick from Olympia is upset his fiancée Stacy suddenly isn’t going to take his last name; brace yourself cuz this is one for the ages!! Who is the Most Famous Person from your Hometown? Playlist Profiling is Daniel from Tacoma and Ryder amazingly wins. Throwin’ Shade has Shade blaming the NFL for what he was forced to do on the Seahawks Bye Week.