Fitz in the Morning Episode #381 Tuesday 10/27/20

We Salute the Heroes who captured the Blaine Murder Hornets! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a guy in a ritzy SoCal neighborhood blasts the “Gilligan’s Island” theme as warfare against his neighbor who installed a sculpture that blocked his view, a man covers himself with 140lbs of bees to break a World Record, two robbers are caught in a restaurant after one passes out drunk eating cheese cake, Florida Man steals a backhoe to dig up Biden signs, a guy prank calls his mom saying he’s from jail but she just says “Call Your Daddy” and a Hayride turns tragic when the wagon overturns. A story last week about a Tennessee Football Fan reminded Fitz of an Epic Jimmy Dean Sausage Consumer Line Call in which a man complains about a smaller sausage package by talking about his fat family. Ryder and Shade failed the office Fire Drill on Monday when they were caught out smoking at the wrong meeting place. In the Fitz Files, AJ McLean’s dancing partner slams her head into the floor on “Dancing with the Stars”, Clare Crawley hints she was forced off “The Bachelorette”, DK Metcalf is invited to the Olympic Track and Field Time Trials and Simon Cowell has a $100,000 set of teeth. On Make Up or Break Up, Renee from Renton is excited to go trick or treating with her son but her fiancée Jonathan if afraid they will come home with COVID. Text the Truth has your anonymous confession texts, like a women who is thrilled her cheating ex-husband is now cheating on the woman he left her for, and someone confesses to being a professional dominatrix and says only two people know besides us now. What Does Death Taste Like? Fitz has some amazingly creepy details about things you thought you knew! Drew is (mostly) enjoying the wildlife around his new place in Monroe but some of the identified noises are scaring him.