Fitz in the Morning Episode #382 Wednesday 10/28/20

Mama Fitz has written a new song about our Beloved Seahawks! In the What Are You Kidding stories, a man protesting a store carrying only “essential items” comes in wearing nothing but a thong, the new stupid TikTok trend is super-gluing your vampire teeth in, get ready for Fitz to play the next “Baby Shark” called “The Flip Flap Song”, Play-Doh has new adult-themed scents like “spa day”, and “latte”, a pill-cocktail to prevent snoring is in the works, and police discover the skull of a missing a man has been some guy’s mantle decoration for many years. In the Good Stuff we meet Bickford Ford Community Hero Rachel from Port Orchard, an avid quilter who has used her time off work to make 13,000 free masks. In the Fitz Files, Blake and Gwen are engaged, and a bunch of the guys on “The Bachelorette” are ready to walk off the show because Clare is not treating them fairly. All Jacked Up includes Claire refusing to eat sourdough because starter is 100 years old, Ethan in Redmond who has to eat his food in alphabetical order, and Pete from Gig Harbor who can’t sleep unless his pillow is ice cold so when he’s travelling he puts his hotel pillow in the ice machine. “Who is Poppin’ out of the Coffin” has Ryder back out at Van Ghoul’s Cemetery digging up celebrities. Today’s Troop Salute is Joah Cash who is entering the US Navy Academy. Prepare for Scariest Moment in Radio History as we tell creepy stories and YOU provide the scary sound effects! Details have emerged on the Murder Hornet Heroes.