Fitz in the Morning Episode #383 Thursday 10-29-20

Fitz is afraid to stand up because he forgot to wear a belt. Drew ate yogurt 12 days past its date and Claire and Ryder are on edge being near him. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a woman is under fire from her HOA for her Halloween Pole Dancing Skeletons, a theater is raising money by auctioning off the rights to haunt the theater after you die, a dad breaks the world record for the fastest mile pushing a baby in a stroller, a drive-through farm has a zebra that screams like Marty from “Madagascar”, police tell a man being nude in his own backyard he’s indecent with little kids next door, and a man falls into a sink hole full of so many rats he is afraid to open his mouth to scream. We have more disturbing Halloween Mind Blowing Facts. Fitz is loving life with a Mullet and wants Claire to get one. In the Fitz Files, Brad Pitt breaks up with his girlfriend and may be winning his custody trial, a “Bachelorette” producer says he knew the moment he had to kick Clare off the show, Blake gives Gwen a $500,000 ring, and Kelly Clarkson has a new Christmas Song. On Make Up or Break Up, Marcus from Edmonds is not cool with his girlfriend Kaylie selling her dirty socks online to weirdos but she says it’s how she’s making their car payments. Ryder is back at Van Ghouls Cemetery digging up celebrities for us to guess. Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood Zoom in to talk about their new single “Shallow” and when they think they’ll get back to touring. Throwin’ Shade has Shade going after kids, including his own, who are driving parents crazy stuck at home.