Fitz in the Morning Episode #384 Friday 10-30-20

It’s Halloween Inside and Outside! Brace yourself for a Spooky Bull-Yah! “Who’s Popping Out of the Coffin” has Ryder back at Van Ghoul’s Cemetery digging up dead celebrities. Fitz does an amazing Country version of “Thriller”. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, an iPhone repairman exposes a cheating husband who tried to bribe him to hide the cheating from his wife, a man asks his friend to hide drugs in his butt crack during a traffic stop, a woman nearly dies from a thong-induced butt abscess, a woman in labor insists on voting first, a guy on meth climbs to the top of his apartment building and throws money, and a man is super proud of his Halloween display that’s so gory the police keep being called. On Stream It or Skip It Drew recommends the New Season of “The Mandalorian” on Disney+, “Addams Family” on Netflix, “IT” and “IT 2” on HBO Max, and the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” on Hulu. Ryder’s Scary Movie Ultimate Pick is the original “Halloween.” In the Fitz Files, Kanye West gives Kim a hologram of her dead father wishing her a Happy Birthday, Leanne Rimes poses nude to address Psoriasis, Scarlett Johansen and Colin Jost are married, and the CMA’s will be a live show. The P1’s Have Talent Halloween Edition includes Rebecca from Graham who sounds like a really scary demon and Gavin from SeaTac who talks to us like a wise-but-scary old tree in the forest. Believe it Or Not includes Ryan from Monroe whose girlfriend lost her toe in a terrible toaster accident and Vicki from Bremerton whose husband had an eagle steal a fish right off his line. King County wins the month of October on County Wars! We award Truckers Tuition Round Two to Katherine, an Army wife who will use the CDL to have a job and career wherever the military takes her and her husband. And we wrap up $1 Million Dollars of Jobs with an astounding total of $2,222,360 worth of jobs!