Fitz in the Morning Episode #385 Monday 11-02-20

Fitz gave his kids a super fun Halloween although it didn’t go quite as planned when his daughter’s costume inflator fell apart and then she fell apart. Claire set up a nice Halloween display but was the only house on the street that did, so no kids even came down her street. Claire went for a Covid Test and was surprised it was so efficient for a County operation. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a skunk evacuates a Walmart, a woman passing out Voting flyers steals someone’s cat off their porch, more than half of people polled say Election Day will be the most stressful day of their lives, a doctor in India is conned into buying Aladdin’s Lamp from a guy dressed as Genie, 1 in 3 people admit to lying about the number of their previous “laundry” partners to their spouse, and a woman climbs a tree for some day drinking and refuses to come down when a bucket lift comes for her. Ryder and his family are fighting over politics with one of them even unfriending him on social media. Fitz did the “We Ate All Your Halloween Candy” gag on his kids. In the Fitz Files, Lori Loughlin will be spending Christmas in jail, Taylor Swift officially gets to re-record her own music, and the “real” James Bond, Sean Connery, has died. Today on Dating Disasters we hear from Amanda in Kirkland who thought her Bumble date stood her up so she got drunk with the bartender but later found out the date saw her and left. Today’s Troop Salute is Jacob Saldana of the US Navy. Ryder got everyone apple fritters this morning except Fitz, who says Ryder needs to “Recognize!” Food News has Ryder with the latest info on munchies including the triumphant return of the McRib and Stouffer’s new Lasagna Fanny Pack. Monday Motivation has motivating quotes to get your week started off right!