Fitz in the Morning Episode #386 Tuesday 11-03-20

Relax – we are here to be your Bubble of Calm in a World of Turmoil! Can you tell “Fact or Bull Crap” about US Presidents, like did Calvin Coolidge really like to have petroleum jelly rubbed on his head during breakfast? In the What Are You Kidding Me stories: a cop makes a DUI stop dressed as a Storm Trooper, a man who posts details about his girlfriend’s operation gets his house robbed while at the hospital, a town in Kentucky has only animals running for mayor, a new App lets you enter into a legally binding contract before sexting, a newly-married woman is suing her husband for fraud after it turns out he’s bald, and a crook who should have gotten away with high speed chase on Halloween when cops stopped chasing him gets caught after falling asleep in a McDonald’s. Jameson Rodgers calls in to talk about his new #1 song “Some Girls” and how he came to music very late in life. In the Fitz Files, Jeannie Mai leaves “DWTS” due to illness, Britney Spears is trying to reassure fans she’s OK but we’re still not sure, Russell Wilson spends over $1 million a year to keep his body in shape, and Jon Pardi dished out marital advice. On Make Up or Break Up, Erin from Kent is mad her boyfriend Keith wants her to cook for 20 friends for Thanksgiving instead of going to see her family. Text The Truth has us anonymously spilling your most salacious secrets for you. If you are getting ready for Christmas shopping, Claire has a list of items already flying off the shelves like fitness equipment, puzzles and games, and craft supplies. Ryder is having bad dreams so Fitz wants him to look into the new trend of Dream Tourism. “Mind Blown”: Fitz has a bunch of surprising facts that will blow your mind! Drew’s girlfriend’s parents are doing a lot of cool work around his property but everyone on the show thinks Drew doesn’t realize they are just fixing it up so they can move in.