Fitz in the Morning Episode #387 Wednesday 11-04-20

It’s chilly and rainy but Fitz, Drew and Claire can’t agree whether it’s just another typical lovely crisp Northwest Fall morning or it’s miserable and gross. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, “Baby Shark” is officially the most watched video in YouTube history, two guys are kicked off a flight when one of them tries to hide under the other’s first class seat for a YouTube stunt, a man shoots someone who called his baby ugly, two kayakers are nearly swallowed by a humpback whale and get it all on video, a guy caught with heroin hidden in his butt cheeks and digital scales says it’s all for personal use, and a study finds the average American asks for advice 6000 times in their life. Are you up on the latest Dating Terms, like “Covid-Worthy” and “Antibody-Boy”? And – what animal do you want in your Profile Picture to maximize your Swipes? In the Fitz Files Gabby Barret might give birth on stage at the CMA’s when she does her hit duet with Charlie Puth who she has never actually met, Jimmie Allen defends Noah Cyrus’ CMT Music Awards Outfit by comparing her to Prince and the Beatles, and Kanye voted for Kanye but Kim didn’t. All Jacked Up includes Briana who cannot have her food touching on her plate, Justin from Olympia who has been wearing the same socks since middle school and Alisha who is a nurse but is freaked out by cotton balls. Today’s Troop Salute is Kenny Thomas of the US Army. Ryder refuses to show Fitz the search history on his phone and Fitz tells us what people are searching for most in each state, around here it’s Bigfoot. Tell us the nickname you had as a kid and we’ll try to guess how you got it, like Ashley from Bothell aka “Snake Hips”, and Danny from Mill Creek aka “Kit Kat””. And should we screen our loved ones for symptoms and temperatures before allowing them to enter our homes for Thanksgiving?