Fitz in the Morning Episode #388 Thursday 11-05-20

Drew likes living on the edge so today he drove all the way in from Monroe to Bull-vue on a flat tire; one day last week he drove in on fumes after his girlfriend left him with no gas. In the What Are You Kidding Me Stories, scientists in Thailand have solved the problem of stinky feet with a zinc-oxide nano-solution, we nearly had Caitlyn Jenner running as Kanye’s VP, Colonel Sanders is shaving for “Movember”, a 5-year old breaks the Guinness World Record for recognizing cartoon characters in a minute, a distillery in New Hampshire has a new deer-flavored whiskey, and an Oregon man robs a store but gets caught because he has a couch strapped to the top of his car. Drew is cultivating a Bromance with his new neighbor who has a big garage full of tools and a tractor. If you want to impress people Fitz has a list of words that will enhance your eloquence. In the Fitz Files, an old woman is Catfished by someone claiming to be Jason Momoa, Michael J Fox says he’s done acting because Parkinson’s has affected his short-term memory, Jeff Lowe from “Tiger King” is getting into porn films, and Justin Bieber will be performing with Dan+Shay at the CMA’s. On Make Up or Break Up, Tony from Lacey is pissed off that his fiancée Whitney sold her engagement ring to pay bills, but Whitney says she has to pawn it to make rent and will absolutely get it back. The Election result everyone is watching is in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, where Wilbur the French Bulldog is nosing out Jackrabbit the Beagle. What are some questions you should never ever ask someone else? And Throwin’ Shade could generate some controversy, cuz he’s going after Baby Yoda!