Fitz in the Morning Episode #389 Friday 11-06-20

Drew is giddy over some new Costco Flannel and Fitz and Claire are giddy over Dale on “The Bachelorette”. It’s Friday, so let’s Bull-Yah! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a woman is arrested after stashing a handgun in the bushes outside Disney World and blaming it on her 6-year-old, Florida Man pulls a gun on another driver who insults his manhood based on his truck, a guy who sued Canada Dry for deceptive practices about the health benefits of their Ginger Ale gets $200K, “Election Disorder” is recognized as an actual stress condition by doctors, a new 2020 candle smells like a combo of things like Joe Exotic, and guy a wearing a t-shirt saying “BBQ, Beer and Freedom” crashes a Nevada Election briefing. On Stream It or Skip It Drew recommends “Dawson’s Creek” on Netflix, “Inside-Out” on Disney+, and “Reno 911” on HBO Max. In the Fitz Files, it’s a “Bachelorette” Blow-Out as Dale proposes to Clare, the rest of the guys demand an apology, and we met the new Bachelorette. An Anonymous P1 needs your help with Insta-Therapy because he doesn’t know how to tell his wife that she is going bald. Fitz is passing the Mullet Torch to Claire, who is getting one tomorrow, but Drew refuses to be the next in line and Ryder proves to us he’s got nothing to mullet with. Believe It or Not includes Tyler from Mill Creek who should probably be in jail, Stephanie from Federal Way who was kissed on the head by Oprah as a baby, and Nina from Mill Creek who had a family murder solved by “Unsolved Mysteries”. Drew has noticed a huge increase in scams on Facebook Marketplace as he is trying to outfit his new home. Claire is tired of being watched by dog-poop-fearing neighbors as she walks her dogs. In the Weekend Party Preview, the Auburn Veteran’s Parade is happening as a Vehicle parade and the Bass Pro / Cabela Winter Wonderland is opening Saturday with a Santa Parade.