Fitz in the Morning Episode #390 Monday 11-09-20

Claire is now sporting a Mullet along with Fitz, and the pressure is on Drew to be next. Listen for your chance to win a Nintendo Switch every hour! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, most Americans say their couch is their best friend during the pandemic, a guy is arrested for using the products inside an adult store, a Rhode Island group builds “Hobbit Houses” to rent, you can now visit the Titanic wreckage on the bottom of the Atlantic for $125K per person, when Santa comes to Cabella/Bass Pro he will have a magic shield, and Florida Man goes nuts when his Checker’s Burger runs out of lettuce. Ryder’s is headed for the Dental Surgeon’s office to get a brand new smile. Wal-Mart is having three official Black Fridays to avoid crowding. In the Fitz Files, Alex Trebek passes away of Pancreatic Cancer although he filmed Jeopardy episodes up until 10 days ago, Lee Brice is out of the CMA’s after a positive Covid-19 Test, and Lil Nas X has a Christmas Song with Michael J Fox in the video. Today’s Disaster Date comes from Barry All-Day-Every-Day who had a date with a woman who was apparently married and the husband came home during the date. What Targeted Social Media Ads are you getting? ‘Cuz Fitz is getting man caves, log cabins, and galaxy lamps, Ryder is getting gaming chairs, Claire gets invites to marathons and races, and Drew gets cabinet hardware. Drew is hearing the Call of the Wild at his hew house in Monroe which is apparently surrounded by a pack of coyotes.Today’s Troop Salute is for the 245th Birthday of the US Marine Corps. Do you have a Cranky Coworker? Every work place has one and we decide who ours is. Ryder’s Food News includes Starbucks cancelling the Gingerbread Latte, but adding the Hot Cinnamon Roll Frappuccino Latte, and Costco has a “12 Chocolates of Christmas Calendar” with edible ornaments! Monday Motivation has motivating quotes to get your week started off right!