Fitz in the Morning Episode #391 Tuesday 11-10-20

Fitz is still working on Ryder’s “Heartbeat of Auburn” Billboard but swears it will happen. Claire thinks her Mullet has made her smarter because there’s less hair covering her brain. Jimmie Allen and Carly Pearce both call the show today to talk about the CMA Awards. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a human heart packed for transplant survives two mishaps including a helicopter crash, teenage girls at a drive-thru zoo freak out when a cow sticks it’s head in the window, Arby’s has a turkey-shaped pillow to wear on your head to nap in any position, a guy sends a hotter more successful person to his high school reunion as a stand in, a woman named Corona says she’s getting harassed a lot, and a California man has spent quarantine creating a scaled down model of Disney’s Matterhorn for his kids to ride. In the Fitz Files, FGL is out of the CMA’s because Tyler is Covid-positive, Jeopardy’s producer pays tribute to Alex Trebek before airing the first of the final episodes Alex had already filmed, and the TikTok skateboarding cranberry juice guy just bought his girlfriend a $22,000 engagement ring. On Make Up or Break Up, Ed from North Bend says his girlfriend Kelly is overspending for Christmas and he’s worried about money, but Kelly says she has a spending and payoff-plan and wants everyone to have a nice Christmas in this crappy year. Text The Truth has you telling us your deepest, darkest confessions so we can read them out loud anonymously for you. Today on Mind Blown we realize that our phones are now Pocket Watches, only two words in English end with “-gry” (Angry and Hungry) and Will Smith’s full first name is actually Willard.