Fitz in the Morning Episode #394 Friday 11-13-20

With so much snow in the passes, Fitz is excited about sledding and tubing. It’s Friday the 13th and we have a Very Superstitious Bull-Yah! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, 25% of US women admit they don’t know where their own “equipment” is located or how it really works, a bride-to-be angry that her dress is ugly has it on inside-out, police in Santa Cruz are looking for a stolen Bigfoot statue, the nicest Taco Bell in the world is on the beach in Pacifica, California, radiologists x-raying a man after a car crash find a phone up his butt, and the new tattoo craze is doing it with black-light ink. On Stream It or Skip It, Drew recommends “A Very Country Christmas” and “The Crown: Season 4” on Netflix, “Alex Rider” and “The Dictator” on Amazon Prime, and “The Mandalorian” on Disney+. In the Fitz Files, The Weeknd will play the Superbowl Half-Time show, a popular petition wants Levar Burton to replace Alex Trebek and Chris Stapleton has a parody “Covid Christmas” Album. Is Your Spouse the Best Spouse Ever? Calls us up and Brag on your Honey Bunny, like Lee from Sumner who’s not drinking to join his pregnant wife but she let him have whole bottle of wine, and Ellie whose husband surprised her with a puppy. The Most Important Election of our Time is over the Best Thanksgiving Side Dish – are you for Mashed Potatoes or Stuffing? If you loved Dan+Shay with Justin Bieber on the CMA Awards, then you’ll really love (or hate) Ryder+Claire with Drew. Believe It or Not includes Geri from Bellevue who met all the judges of “American Idol” and Nikki from Renton whose sister peed her pants skydiving and it froze to her body. The Weekend Party Preview includes Nick Allard’s Forecast and Claire tells us about Veterans getting free lifetime access to National Parks, The Woodland Park Zoo’s new lantern festival, and Santa at Bass Pro Shop/Cabelas.